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About Us

electronic music


electro ambient trance

2 Tyrolean musicians who are very close to the electro and trance genre and in their spare time mainly "screw" on samples and electronic pieces.

The songs with lyrics in german and english should inspire to dream and dance and to compensate the hectic times.

Music Experience

Sampleschlosser , the Band



Vocals & Guitar

Andrea is the Lead Singer in the Band and writes her own lyrics in diverse languages for the songs.

She tries to express experienced as well as fancy themes in her lyrics and plays guitar and some percussions.

She likes different styles of music and over the years she performed already in different groups and ensembles.



Sound & Bass

Peter plays the bass and sings the backing vocals.

He feeds the musical devices with beats and melodies.

Sampling is an important part in Sampleschlossers music productions.

The name Sampleschlosser is coming from "Sample" and german "Schlosser" (metal worker)

Concerts & Party Time

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